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Here's a not-so complete discography of the collectedSweet Baby works.

Bay Mud - compilation cassette, 1986.

Lethal Noise #2- compilation cassete, 1986.

Never Mind The Bassets - demo tape (20 songs) 1987

Turn It Around- double 7", Maximum Rock 'n' RollRecords. 1987

The Thing That Ate Floyd- Lookout! Records, 1988

It's A Girl! Ruby/SlashRecords, (13 songs), 1989

Submarine Races- unreleased second album (10 songs)1989

Lest We Forget- tape compilation, BBT Tapes/Take A DayRecords, 1991

Hello Again! Lookout! Record's (splitl CD with Brent'sTV) 1996.

It's a Girl!- Lookout! Recordsrerelease, 1996

Heide Sez- Lookout! Records CD compilation.