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Welcome to perhaps the first website devoted to one of the most influential bands in the history of east bay punk. Ok, so I might be exagerating them a bit. But if you have been wondering anything about this band, well here is a good place to learn. There will be more to come, as always in any website, but in the meantime (please don't leave), just explore and have fun.


Here's a quick little overveiw of the group. In the summer of 1986 was playing all over the bay area with the line up of Matt on guitar, Dallas on vocals, Crispy Jim on bass, and Dr. Frank on drums. By 1987 Richie was playing bass and Sergie was on the skins, they had recorded a demo, and were at their peak. They also broke up for a time, only to get back together to record "It's A Girl!". Richie left though, so they enlisted the help of Ivy to play bass whilst on tour. They eventually broke up again.