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OK! How cheese ball is this? Well it's always usefull to thankpeople for everything. A bunch of people really helped me withthis, I mean, I've been mulling over this website since I startedthe Hi-Fives website, and now it's a reality. So here's to allof those who have helped me in some shape or form.

I bet a bunch of you want to see an itemized list, so hereit goes:

Of course we must thank Dallas Denery first, foranswering my questions and basically putting up with me. The itgoes out to John Denery for telling me to go for it! Larry Livermoreanswered tons of questions and laughed at my jokes. Rebekah andPatrick put up with me for ages and ecouraged me to get off myass. Ken Lee gave me the zine from which alot of the site is based(Jail Bait #5). Bobby Manic, gave me stories and promised me agood video. And to everybody else I know who has helped me inlife and not just web design.